Thursday, March 18, 2010

NoodleTools for the Research Paper

Today, I taught my students how to use NoodleTools for the research paper. I think that most students and teachers at my school use NoodleTools exclusively to develop MLA citations. I was more interested in using NoodleTools when I found out that digital annotations and note cards can be shared with a class for the teacher to monitor. Today, students learned about how to access the different databases our school subscribes to and then to share their lists for this research paper with me. The image at the top of the page shows how I was able to make comments on their citations. Even though NoodleTools merely asks for students to input the information about the source, it is sometimes difficult for students to identify the titles of the articles and main sources. I feel like my ability to constantly keep track of students' sources will help me give feedback during the research process and correct many mistakes before they submit their final work.

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