Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Google Form to Plan Whole-Class Creative Writing

I really like to teach my elective creative writing class to write collaboratively. Google Apps for Education has provided the perfect platform for collaborative writing. I recently began a genre unit and students have been reading short stories by Poe, Bradbury, and Jackson. At the end of the week, their first main writing assignment will require each student to pitch an idea for a plot the whole class can write together. I started it as a form because I wanted students to submit their original ideas without the influence of their peers. After all students submit, I will share the spreadsheet for all students to view and edit. During class, I plan to put students in groups of 4-5 students with one laptop per group to review and discuss the plot ideas (see below). The class will vote on one plot for the whole class to pursue. I'm hoping that students can plan a more detailed outline on the SMART board and then they'll go back to their groups to write specific parts of the story. I will post afterward to write about the results.

1 comment:

  1. Michelle,

    This looks great so far. I particularly like the use of a form for limiting their influence by others.

    Question: will the students all write from the detail that is shown above? Meaning will they have to stick to the original idea that is chosen?

    Would love to see some of the finished products.