Monday, June 11, 2012

One English Teacher's Move

One English Teacher’s Move
Michelle Blakely

Six boxes of books.
Ranging from A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
to a Teacher’s Guide to Teaching Shakespeare.
Reluctantly leaving behind the Jodi Picoults
and the extra copies of Amy Tan’s books.
Most came from avidly seeking out library book sales.

Five boxes of miscellaneous school supplies.
Heavy duty sets of hanging file folders
bought at whole sale five years ago.
A pen holder made in a ceramics class
highlighting favorite authors’ names. 

Four quilts from years of teaching American literature (except year one).
They represent students’ values—their personalities.
No need for any photos.  Like America itself, so nicely woven
together, but uniquely standing out. 

Three packed folders of memorable student work. 
That may not seem like a lot,
but most is accessible digitally.

Two desks that were once cluttered with massive writings and assignments and pens and broken staplers,  
slowly emptying to their clean bare beginnings.

One personal item: a framed engagement photo.


  1. I just moved to another school too! I know how it is to purge the book stash.

  2. We will miss you, Michelle. This post made me sad as I thought about you packing up the other day and about the fun we were having talking about random fun technology tips we either knew or were determined to figure out. :) I know you'll continue to do great things in your life and will continue to take English education to great new levels. All the best!